Showroom: M-F 8-4pm & 1st & 3rd Sat. 9am-3pm   By Appointment Only

Showroom: M-F 8-4pm & 1st & 3rd Sat. 9am-3pm   By Appointment Only

Prepare for an Excellent Experience at Marble Uniques

We’re glad you’ve chosen to partner with us for your next countertop project. To ensure a smooth and personalized experience when you visit us, we’ve created a pre-visit checklist to help you prepare. Please review the following steps before your visit.

What to Bring Along To Your Appointment

Before scheduling a visit with us, please prepare to have the following items ready and bring them along with you:

Countertop or Cabinet Layout Drawing

You’ll need to bring your countertop or cabinet layout drawing. This drawing should accurately represent the dimensions and layout of your space. To create the drawing, you can start by measuring the length and width of your countertops and cabinets. Then, sketch a simple diagram on a piece of paper. As seen above, or use a digital design tool to map out the placement of your appliances, sinks, and any other relevant features. Don’t worry if it’s not a professional-grade drawing; a rough sketch will suffice.

Photos of Your Countertop Area

It would be beneficial if you could also bring photos of your countertop area or send them ahead of time to our email These photos will provide our team with a visual reference of your existing space, allowing us to assess any potential challenges or design considerations that need to be taken into account when selecting your new countertop.

Cabinet Door or Drawer Sample

This sample will help us ensure that the chosen countertop complements the color, style, and finish of your existing cabinetry.

Paint Sample Ideas

These can be small swatches or photos of the paint colors you are considering for your kitchen or bathroom. By having these samples, we can assist you in selecting a countertop that coordinates with your desired paint colors, creating a cohesive and visually appealing space.

Inspiration Photos/Ideas

We encourage you to gather inspiration photos or ideas to bring along with you. By sharing your inspiration with us, we can better understand your style preferences and help guide you towards countertop options that align with your vision.

Backsplash Ideas/Samples

In order to make the most of your countertop purchase appointment, we recommend bringing along some backsplash ideas or samples. These can include pictures, samples, or even just a visual representation of the colors and materials you are considering for your backsplash.
At Marble Uniques

Step by Step Process to Buying Custom Countertops from Marble Uniques

Here’s a step-by-step process for buying custom countertops from us:

Schedule an appointment to meet with your Marble Uniques project coordinator. We recommend appointments for showroom visits to ensure that we can provide focused attention to you and your project.


Choose the material and color for your new countertops in all the desired areas.


Select your sinks, faucets and appliances. Then provide each model # along with the brand name to your project coordinator.


Review your Template Measure, Installation & Scope of work documents provided.


Contact us to schedule the template measure and installation appointment approximately two weeks before you are ready for the template measure.

Please keep in mind that this checklist is intended to guide you through the process, and our team at Marble Uniques will be available to provide further assistance and answer any questions you may have along the way.